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  • Neumann U47 FET - The standard for recording kick drum and double bass...

    Neumann U47 FET

    Dynamic mics have their place for sure, but I love ribbons and condensers for recording. Kick drums can be troublesome, especially if they have a full front head, but stick one of these bad boys in front and you have an instant sound. Combined with a vintage AKG D12, you have the sounds of the 70's. Read more »

  • Royer R-122 - One of the best microphones ever for recording electric guitars and brass

    Royer R-122

    I bought my first R-122 a few years ago now and have found it indispensable for electric guitars and brass. Many people use two mics on a cabinet, we just use this; in the right place :) They are very robust and have more gain as they are phantom powered. We loved it so much, we now have a pair... Read more »

  • Flea 47 - An exact replica of the legendary Neumann U47

    Flea 47

    If you have to buy one great mic, buy this one. Super versatile and will bring joy to everyone who uses it; in front of and behind the glass. Amazing for vocals, acoustic guitar and as the top mic in a Glyn Johns style drum recording. Read more »

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